Primordial Baths

Primordial Baths

Energy then matter, then energy again, endlessly repeated, billions upon billions of times every second.

Some believe that a quark’s life, a combination of eternity and infinitesimality, is boring, tedious and repetitive but, while the latter is certainly true the other two are not. It takes a great deal of focus to maintain form in every incarnation, especially when that form is in constantly dynamic change, the phenomena we know as movement. They are the alpha and the omega and everything in between, the commonality from which divergence evolved and to which it always returns, the disordered order perceived in chaos theory, the imperceptibly indifferent difference that’s always the same.

Perhaps we’re all naught but the dreams of restless quarks bored by their endlessly repetitive repertoire from which all aspects of every creation stem, or perhaps, we’re just almost infinite collections within a greater infinite collection playing with time and space, unaware of the form that order imposes on us.

It’s amazing that from such perfect equality we the biological have managed to evolve such extensive and pervasive inequality, invented injustice and evil and imposed them on each other. Invented lying and cheating and betrayal and made them all seem relevant while all around us and within us and between us disinterested quarks continuously cleanse themselves of our depredations in their ubiquitously primordial baths.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2012; all rights reserved