Memories of Then and Ever Since

Memories of Then and Ever Since

I stroked her back, to ease her tensions and discomfort, but the swirls my fingers made slowly became softer, gentler, became discrete caresses until they felt her reactions, and then they slowly spread, first to her lower back, then upper arms, then her neck.

She turned over and I kissed her, very softly and gently, and then my right hand grazed her left breast. She sighed and my lips moved down her throat to the hollow of her neck and my left hand gently stroked her lower belly. I inhaled her breath which was gently increasing. I undid her blouse and removed her lingerie, lightly grazing her left nipple with the back of my right hand, then cupping it, caressing it and finally kissing it, very, very gently.

I took her hand and led her to my bed, and lay beside her, side by side, stroking her sides as I continued kissing her, then I slid my hand to the soft mound between her thighs and touched her blissfully warm moisture. My face followed my hand and I inhaled a fragrance that melded almonds and honey and bent to kiss and gently lick the tiny bud peeking out from a tiny pink hood. I took it between my lips and sucked it as my tongue continued its caresses, increasing in intensity with my building passion. My hands stroked her thighs and slid along the outer curves of her legs, then up to cup her small rounded buttocks, stroking them slowly as well.

She undulated with my caresses, echoing my growing intensity, but then, suddenly and without warning, she sat up, picked up her clothes and quickly dressing whispered: “I have to go”.

The moment passed and beautiful might-have-beens slowly faded away to die, though I loved her then and I’ve loved her ever since.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2013; all rights reserved