Further Thoughts on 2013 as its Embers Fade to Grey

Further Thoughts on 2013 as its Embers Fade to Grey

Twinges in my heart stir unexpectedly as I think about the year ending and what it’s brought me and what it’s brought our world. I try to remember how it started: … yes, … I recall, … we were relieved the world had yet to end.

In retrospect I hope it will turn out to be a year of endings, personally and publicly, and of better beginnings. I need them; I think the world does as well.

Reflecting on the nature and importance of trivialities irony envelops me. Is the personal trivial compared to the vastness of human experiences, or are the travails of humanity too distant from each of us to seem other than trivial?

Of course the answer depends on the person and the immediate context in which he or she find themselves. On whether the soul involved is open or closed. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which is better, especially when one finds oneself bitter.

I think of bitterness as reactive and thus, in a sense, dynamic rather than static, but … can it become a calcified reality even in an optimist’s heart?

I hope mine is transitory.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2013; all rights reserved