Lost in Profoundly Shallow Thoughts

Lost in Profoundly Shallow Thoughts

“Profoundly shallow”

What an interesting concept; … swathed in swells of irony, perhaps in a light shade of ambivalence, a very light shade of course, not even quite an echo or perhaps, just a very quiet echo.

What phrase might I find to describe someone seemingly profound but so convoluted that, when every aspect is considered, her serpentine logic leads to less than nothing, rendering the sum of her parts negligible and, … well, … shallow?  I don’t think that the phrase “profoundly shallow” captures the concept although perhaps it shares a tiny trace of her bouquet.

Bouquet? She was offended when I described the blend of scents I associated when I thought of her, especially my comment about “the tiniest tinge of acridity”, … but perhaps, unknowingly, I’d hit a nerve.

It’s what I most remember now.

I wonder to which one of us the phrase “profoundly shallow” best applies?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2014; all rights reserved