Burning Questions

Burning Questions

“Why a burning [thorn] bush anyway?”

And who was the “angel of the lord”? It doesn’t seem to have been Yahweh that appeared but an emissary through whom it spoke. Or perhaps even the Shekinah.

If fire is the emblem of purity, and specifically Divine purity, then why its association with the abode of the Adversary?

Kind of confuses things.

Is androgyny in any way similar to sexlessness or is it its opposite (the latter I think)?

Which of those two concepts applied to that inconsumable flaming thorn bush, assuming they’re different? Kind of reminds me of Inanna’s serpent, Ningizzida, the one that couldn’t be charmed although I don’t know why.

I wonder if they knew each other, Ningizzida the serpent and Yahweh the bush. Mythology (history to some) would hint that they did.

I wonder if among the reasons our purported ancestors were not to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was so that these questions would remain unanswered, but ..

We ate! So, …?

Or was it that we were never to even ask questions, these or any others?

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