Fleeting Thoughts, Fleeing as Election Eve Approaches, 2014 Edition

Fleeting Thoughts, Fleeing as Election Eve Approaches, 2014 Edition

Symbiosis, biological synergy at play, perhaps its emulation on a social level would turn things around on this desperate world’s stage where, so it was writ, we all must play a part, or at least, we all should play a part, or something like that.

The air in Congress is unbearably hot and not just because of the confluence of longitudes and latitudes and humidity and air pressures. Unfortunately, air-conditioning permits the denizens of the pork barrel filling and collection enterprise it’s always been to become more and more efficient, at least at self-preservation. Interesting turn around: once complaints about the odor stemmed from those outside the swamps, but now, it’s the other way around.

Why do so many meetings so often take so long, everyone apparently waiting to hear themselves talk, more for melody than content? Especially as one perceives glimmers of hope that they’re about to end. Earnest Ernest, incarnated (as some say a son of another god once did), would make an interesting character in a hyperbolic melodrama on that theme, the antithesis of the hero, or perhaps a heroic – antiheroic synthesis. Perhaps a hero somewhere or some when was once an accountant with Ernst & Ernst, way back when there were several major accounting firms, before each swallowed all the others.

Wonder where Lipson and Flom are today, Joe died I heard but Marty’s still around. They caused so much damage to the world economy, and to politics. Perhaps to everything sane. I wonder if there’s a Hell? I think Joe would know now; an uncomfortable thought for the former incarnation of incandescence who thinks he’s in charge there, things there are probably consolidating in a series of lose – lose mergers, at least for everyone not on the myriad teams of advisors (almost all either in Hell or on their way, … tooooot toooot, here comes the cavalry, or at least a cavalry, … of sorts; betting on horses if not actually riding them).

Gave vampires a bad name they did.

Not into symbiosis at all.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2014; all rights reserved