A Premature Post Mortem

A Premature Post Mortem

Obama could have been a great president, in a very different context, with a supporting cast rather than one dedicated to his ruin at all costs.

There are people who might have thrived in that environment but he is not among them. He’s bright, almost charismatic or perhaps, charismatic at times, but he has the insecurities of the abandoned child, the son of a foreigner, the issue of a racially mixed marriage, which made him suffer from the initial stages of immigrant’s syndrome though he himself is not an immigrant: wanting to be liked and accepted by all, and to be a super patriot.

He never had a chance amidst the least patriotic cast ever; a fifth column for the world’s financiers who use the United States as a blunt tool for their short term interests, like the French prerevolutionary nobility.

A very efficient and effective fifth column though.

So, this is a premature postmortem.

But whether for Obama or for us remains to be seen.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2015; all rights reserved