Thoughts on a Special Saturday in Spring During 2015

Thoughts on a Special Saturday in Spring During 2015

Despite the fact that almost all Christian holidays are mythic (i.e., if the events occurred, the dates were changed to protect something or other), still, there is symbolism given weight and meaning by time and tradition, much of it horrible (e.g., Passover, the murder of the innocent firstborn) but a good deal of it positive and with aspirations of something benign.

This season, the season surrounding the Spring Equinox, has been sacred and mystic and perhaps magical to most branches of humanity since before we attained that status. It represents birth and rebirth and growth and that tradition is reflected in its Christian and Islamic versions, as well as in most of its more ancient aspects (with the exception previously noted).

In the Western Christian traditions, the day between Good Friday (strangely named, I’d have thought it would be horrible Friday) and Easter Sunday is a day, in my mind, akin to All Hallows Eve, a day of transition between physical and spiritual worlds, between the once living and those about to be reborn, a day very appropriate for reflection as to what has been and what will be and what part, if any, we can play in bringing about positive change.

We desperately need that, we desperately need reconciliation and good will, we need to reflect on the things many hold Holy and how horribly we distort them, perhaps to reflect on that Rule so many cultures hold Golden, and how easy it ought to be to apply.

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