Reflections in a Mirror

Reflections in a Mirror

I think that at some point, the United States has to understand that it has no moral ground on which to stand with respect to anyone else’s military or interventionist activities and has not had any, probably since the late nineteenth century. Its criticism of others, … any others, … now falls, not on hallowed ground but on badlands. Every time we engage in such criticism it becomes not only more and more ridiculous but more and more counterproductive. “Do as I say and not as I do” works no better among nations than it does within families.

The United States has matched or exceeded the brutality of its purported adversaries (or anyone really) on every occasion since its genocidal campaign against indigenous peoples in North America, through its fire and nuclear bombing of civilian populations during World War II, and through its callous wars in the Middle East in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.

History exists, although perhaps not in the manner we’ve been taught, but, time being close to eternal, it has a tendency to work its way out of the propaganda with which it is almost always smeared, and then it can provide useful lessons. So, … back to the point. For the good old USA morality has become irrelevant and to evoke it has become not just hypocritical but perhaps counterproductive. The reality is that, as in the case of Ancient Rome and the more recent “Aryans”, morality is irrelevant to our decision making except, perhaps, as propaganda, although directed at whom is difficult to fathom; the US public perhaps (at least to some of it), … and Israel, … Our propaganda has little purchasing power anywhere else.

Maybe we just have to accept what we’ve become. President Obama phrases it cavalierly, … “American Exceptionalism”, a translation for the Aryan and Zionist visions of a chosen, superior race, where everyone else is irrelevant; at best, mere chafe to be disposed of and dispossessed if it has the bad fortune to be in our way.

If that is our reality, then perhaps we ought to just admit it, lie back and enjoy it, and like the ancient Romans, the Aryans and the Zionists, make ourselves comfortable with the fact that for the time being, we may have to live with inferior species, but that we are doing what we can to overcome that unpleasantness. Imagine it, … no limits on our actions, no need to dream up phony justifications, .. just do whatever we want to whomever we want, whenever we want, … the new “Many Doubleyous” philosophy. It has an interesting ring to it, goes well with themes like, the “Monroe Doctrine” and “Manifest Destiny” and, of course, … “American Exceptionalism”. Although for the Romans and “Aryans”, at least, it did not work out quite as they expected. Still, history is a teacher and perhaps we can learn from their mistakes, … as the Zionists seem to have done (and they’re our current role models).

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2015; all rights reserved