Cassandra’s Echoes

Cassandra’s Echoes

I heard Cassandra’s ghost declaiming:

“The French President acknowledged a reality that will likely devastate the world, if not soon, eventually, the use of cheap, easily assembled biological and chemical weapons by Isis or the even more dangerous movements that will overtake it, which expand rather than contract with continued use of deadly force against Muslims. It is not reasonable to believe that no group will ever emerge with real leadership capabilities to fight fire with fire and do unto you as you do unto them. Your goals seem to be to postpone that event in the hope that you can just kill them all, men, women and children, an ironic version of Hitler’s solution. You hope that using propaganda, again relying on Hitler’s theories, you can hide reality and ignore the causes of your current crises.

The refusal to eliminate the cause, Israel’s conduct over almost half a century and the related world-wide campaign against Muslims supported by Israeli puppet and US supported Middle Eastern dictatorships will eventually lead to a counter final solution, and trapped by the Israeli inspired final solution to the Muslim Problem and the Muslim reactive final solution, your planet may finally rid itself of its human infestation.”

Healthy though that may prove to the planet in the long term, I mourn for all the positive possibilities that will be lost, unlikely though they may seem today: especially the exploration of deep space, the realization of a brotherhood of man and nature, the unravelling of the great mysteries of nature and of time and of space.


None are so blind as those that will not see.”

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2015; all rights reserved