Pondering on the Nature of Sincerity

Pondering on the Nature of Sincerity

As Yule approaches, I wonder how we so easily forget the ancient genocide perpetrated on the Canaanites.

So much of modern culture, religion and spirituality streamed to us through that People, albeit stripped and borrowed, perhaps more frequently stolen, by others.

I wonder, in this supposed Season of Peace, if Yeshua ben Miriam, the Nazarene, ever pondered on the ethics involved, and whether any victims of the Holocaust of the 1940’s, no longer the latest link in the long chain of evil perpetrated in the name of Divinity or righteousness, reflect on the irony involved.

I mourn for the victims, men, women, children and elders of humanity’s apparently unquenchable thirst for injustice in the name of virtue.

If there is a Divinity, and if that Divinity is decent, how could it ever forgive us?

Why should it want to?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2015; all rights reserved

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