Black Holes and Rainbows and Waste

Black Holes and Rainbows and Waste

Two completely different essences, one an elemental compound and the other an avatar of energy: water and light, a highly unlikely duo, and, …, well, … here we are.

Hello life.

Unlikely except at the corner where infinity and eternity meet, …

Then, of course, everything becomes much more than just probable.

Crowded, very crowded that corner, and the wait, well, .. it makes every other wait next to irrelevant. Of course, irrelevancy itself is irrelevant there.

The corner where true love waits, or lies in wait, or ends if it’s already been found. The corner where agony and despair become indistinguishable from joy and bliss because all things coexist in every possible combination while at the same time, nothing exists at all.

Irony loves it there, in fact, some say that’s where Irony trapped Murphy, forcing the patron saint of everything wrong to play alone in a house walled in mirrors.

There are rumors that there justice dwells but of course, justice is in all probability, no more than an illusion, and it’s uncertain that of all possible illusions, and there are as many illusions as everything else combined, justice has not been the one that managed to escape.

Still, perhaps once, long ago, maybe even at the beginning, it lay there waiting until it lost patience and vanished. Or perhaps, a primordial black hole just wandered by and it hitched a ride, looking for greener pastures some when else.

Wonder what’s at the other end of rainbows?

Perhaps that’s where black holes lay their waste.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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