On Michelle Obama’s Hypocrisy

On Michelle Obama’s Hypocrisy

Like her new mentor, Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Obama is proving adept at hypocrisy. What a shame.

In many forums and instances I have defended Mr. Obama from many false allegations but criticized him where I saw failings, mainly in foreign and military affairs. I thought it inappropriate to bring Mrs., Obama or the Obama daughters into the virulent debates and did not do so. However, Mrs. Obama has recently engaged in a series of public postures which make objective analysis imperative. Mrs. Obama, a warmer and more charismatic woman than Mrs. Clinton is apparently being groomed to succeed her as a bridge to Chelsey and, unfortunately albeit more effectively, is showing that Clintonian hypocrisy will be among her weapons of choice, augmented by much better acting ability.

I care for neither Mr. Trump nor his actions, very specifically with respect to disrespect for women. But criticizing his presidential aspirations on that basis while ignoring the conduct of a person who conducted himself in that manner and who was in fact president, and who is seeking a return engagement as part of the original two for the price of one bargain, is itself obscene. Ignoring the role of Mrs. Clinton, for whom Mrs. Obama is serving as a surrogate, in empowering her husband’s abuse of women and acting as his club against them, is unpardonable.

Obviously all the sexual dirt seems a bit odd in this campaign given the Clinton history, but it is being successfully used in Mrs. Clinton’s campaign to camouflage the failings, poor judgment and character flaws that have made her America’s most mistrusted woman.

Disgusting; and Mrs. Obama is now tarnished by that disgusting stain. Her actions could have been noble and productive had she not been totally partisan and hypocritical. If she had criticized all the villains involved in this mixture of drama and farce. But she chose not to.

Evidently the lure of a midseason cabinet appointment after a respectful interval and promises of future political support so that she can participate in the creation of her own dynasty are too much to resist.

Or perhaps she never was the woman so many of us hoped she was.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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