November 5, 2016: On the Easy Roads to Hell

November 5, 2016:
On the Easy Roads to Hell

The time to make a critical personal and collective strategic decision is almost exhausted as is the electorate in this the filthiest and most dishonest presidential election in modern United States history.

The most important casualty is truth, essential for the concept of democracy to germinate into common welfare. The instrument of its demise is the mainstream media, charged by our Constitution’s first amendment with a duty to fully and accurately inform us. It is wielded not by journalists with diverging honestly held perspectives but by their new masters, the wealthiest and most selfish among us, the most short-sighted, the most uncaring, the most ruthless, and they have used it to assure that only the worst among us bear the standards of their subservient dictatorial duopoly, disguised by them as democracy.

Many decent citizens sense this, the Sanderistas and supporters of Jill Stein on the left and many who support the candidacies of Gary Johnson and even the buffoonish Donald Trump on the right, but the fact that US democracy has been an illusion, a malevolent joke, has made correction of this descending spiral virtually impossible. Cowardice has been promoted as virtue with fear as its whip. Conscience is derided as folly, a tactic that cowers even many of the best among us. The purported twin pillars of the American experiment, liberty and democracy, are cracked and seem about to fall and if they do, we will have permitted it by permitting the imposition of the worst, the most corrupt, the most deceptive among us as the leader of the so-called free world. Perhaps nature will eventually cleanse that infection by destroying us, which, in the long term, might be salubrious for our planet.

But it is not too late to reject that road, to suck in our guts and find the courage to face our fears, to reject them, and to veer from the easy roads to Hell. Our evolution provided us with a conscience and an ability to dare to do the right thing, rejecting the blandishments of those who see us only as their tools.

Unlikely as it seems this morning, … it is still not too late.

Please think about it so when you look into the face in the mirror next Wednesday you can be proud of what you see.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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