Reflections at the Dawn of the Trump Era

Reflections at the Dawn of the Trump Era

On the day after the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, my mood is introspective.

Rioters in the capital demonstrated our worst instincts, apparently bereft of values and seeking euphoria through violence, they are still a symptom of what ails many all over the world, perhaps a combination of boredom and despair in a transition they don’t understand.

The new president expressed the feelings of alienation felt by so many from varying ideological perspectives who have been excluded from the economic promise posited by technological innovation but which, instead, has been used against them, but he did so in a manner threatening to much of the world, perhaps declaring an economic war we cannot win in a globalized world.

Environmentalists and civil rights activists justifiably feel the threat of GOP inspired roll backs to darker days while domestic theocrats are thrilled at the prospect of the advent of the Christian Republic of America, one that ironically would bear striking similarity to the Calvinistic inspired Islamic Republic of Iran, once again placed firmly in the enemies list, along with Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea.

Zionists are thrilled by his promise to return United States foreign policy to their control and to complete the genocide they long for, elimination of Muslim opposition to their vision of a Zionist owned Middle East, but many parts of the world which have been subjected to United States led neoliberal appropriation may find his America First and laissez faire abroad attitude refreshing.

China may be salivating rather that frightened by the potential opportunities posed by Trumpian American Firstdom, a delightful vacuum to fill in Africa and Latin America and perhaps a bit more latitude elsewhere as a frightened Europe looks to mend frayed fences too long ignored. Russians are relieved that the doomsday clock can be set back, at least a bit, at least for now.

Domestically, traditional politicians of all stripes, used to collectively betraying their constituencies may be looking to mend fences, not with their constituents but with their fellow travelers across the aisle with whom they’ve been sharing pie since the birth of the Republic. Disheartened Sanderistas are being drawn and quartered by opposing forces that seek to coopt and betray them and some must find resonance in President Trump’s message which so resonates with their own but which seems to lead away from many of their loftiest goals; there ought to be agreement as to the nature of the problem but not with respect to the proposed remedies. Is the state the problem or a tool useful in their solution? Alternative political forces swirl confused and uncertain, just how daring do they dare to be? The main stream media gnash the stubs of what used to be their teeth.

Trump became much more human to many yesterday as the public saw a man with a large, beautiful and talented family whose members have been insulted and disparaged and ridiculed and calumnied by the most hypocritical so called liberals and so called feminists among us. Ten year old Barron was a hit in his apparent innocence, as was his mother. Some, perhaps not many given the stark and angry divide that has been fomented to separate us, may be perceiving that Mr. Trump is not the proto fascist caricature that has been portrayed and constantly peddled by so many on all sides but rather a well-meaning human being with whose views and tactics and habits and styles we may not agree, but human, like us. Mrs. Clinton also seemed a bit more human in her restrained agony and humiliation, walking hand in hand with the man who opened the doors to power for her as she had for him, but who so frequently and in so many ways betrayed her, let her down and caused her angst and grief (but who in doing so made them both extremely rich).

So, where to now?

For progressives and plain citizens alike Mr. Trump has identified the problem and he has identified the cause and the real enemies of the People, but our proposed solutions vary drastically? Some of us, who seek solutions rather than political vengeance, ask ourselves if he is really sincere or just another shill in sheep’s clothing, like so many before him; and even if he is sincere, has he the competence and the stamina and the skill to attain the goals he perceives? And even if so, how do they comport with our own goals, can we find a common ground? That may prove difficult for me personally in areas involving civil rights, the environment, the role of theocracy in our country and Zionist genocidal geopolitical aspirations but what if he accomplishes a return of power to the citizenry at large and general economic wellbeing and welfare? A safer world with less killing and plunder.

There seem to be more questions than usual after this presidential inauguration, even the scent of hope fulfilled but mixed with so many other odors and so many threats that the mind reels. But perhaps, at least, it’s a long delayed beginning to attainment of the very different world we need, and even in the areas where we most disagree, perhaps his actions will highlight them creating unexpected priorities that sooner rather than later will lead to a just, equitable, prosperous and secure world for most of us rather than for the very, very few. I sense that many of President Trump’s most ardent supporters may not be all that pleased with the eventual results. I wonder if surprised opponents will have the integrity to grant credit where it’s due. As I’ve written before, I very happily look forward to eating crow.

Where the heck did I leave my crystal ball!

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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