Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Her fans said Grace was amazing, beautiful, dexterous, creative, sensual, and she fully enjoyed what she did. She was a star of sexually open and sexually explicit films.

She was also a mother, and a daughter, and a sister, and a teacher, and generous to those in need, and forgave those who trespassed against her.

Amazing Grace they called her and amazing Grace she was.

She was not really a believer in Jesus although she thought there might be a god somewhere, or perhaps a goddess, or perhaps a number of gods and goddesses. Their nature really didn’t matter to her, but she believed in justice, in equity, in goodness and in tolerance and she acted in accordance with those beliefs, almost always. And when she erred she had no problem in admitting it, or in asking for forgiveness, and in being honest in such request. So if there were benevolent divine beings, they would have loved her, and cherished her, and agreed that she was what her name implied.

Unfortunately, if there were benevolent divine beings, they were not omnipotent, and couldn’t stop others acting in their names from acting in terribly ironic fashion, doing all they could to denigrate Grace, to hurt her, to cause her sorrow, to cause her harm, to call her offensive names and to revile her. After which, gathered in wealthy but very selective houses of worship, they would rejoice in song, and hug each other, calling themselves brothers and sisters, and sharing what some referred to as the Lord’s feast, and congratulating each other on all they did to eradicate sin, and praised somebody’s sacred name, which, evidently, they loved. And when one of them passed away, the best singers among them would intone a beautiful dirge with an odd name.

What an ironically strange world.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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