Hell, Having Frozen Over, Thaws Once More

Hell, Having Frozen Over, Thaws Once More

A pendulum has attained apogee and now starts its ever repetitive duel with entropy, internal gravity and external gravity playing with centripetal and centrifugal forces so most of us don’t notice the drastic changes involved as black becomes white and purported liberals again trade places with purported conservatives.

The fissure between our purportedly “united” states deepens even further, albeit incoherently reversed.

Tectonic plates, confused, try to decipher instructions (it’s San Andreas’ fault) directing them to accelerate severance of the Pacific coast of North America (and similar instructions stream from an Eastern cousin with regard to the Northeastern states down through New York) from what would become a “rumpish” mainland.

Somewhere, an old lady in a very faded red revolutionary cap keeps muttering “the more things change, the more things change, the more things change …”, then, apparently waking from an inadvertent nap, “… the more they stay the same”.

Hell, having frozen over, thaws once more.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved



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