The Scents of 2018

The Scents of 2018

For those of us who find a need for more than the mere joy of protesting, the thrill of calling our fellows vile names and deprecating their beliefs, it may be worth pondering that neither the Democrats nor the GOP are ethically or cognitively fit to exercise control over either House of Congress.

What a dilemma?

Unless, of course being blessed with a trace of common sense, one realizes that a two party system is not the only option.

While there are several purported independents in Congress, they always caucus with one of the two current parties in residence making their purported independence an irrelevancy (see Senator Sanders). Thus, what is needed are additional political parties with representation in Congress, and, with representation adequate to deny a majority to any other party. If that were the case, either the two major parties would need to remember how to collaborate, hopefully in the public interest, or, to make new friends.

We can make that happen if we can just stop playing “greater evil roulette”, if we can overcome our political cowardice and, assuming we have one, vote our conscience.

It’s about a year and eight months until we can make that happen but it requires organization, preparation, and perhaps, for some of us, psychological therapy (cowardice can be overcome).

So, … will 2018 smell like roses (or whatever your favorite bouquet may be) or, as usual, in political terms, … just stink?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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