Looking for New Identities, Ours Have Been Appropriated

Looking for New Identities, Ours Have Been Appropriated

The mainstream media have robbed important sociopolitical terms of any meaning, among them, those associated with the concepts of liberalism, progressivism and the political left, true proponents of which should be outraged at being tarred with all the practices and policies with which they are now painted.

True liberals, true progressives and true members of political left are not supporters of international interventions, destruction of foreign states, the torture and assassination of their leaders as in Iraq and Libya, not to mention Syria, Afghanistan, the Sudan, Yemen, etc., etc., etc.; they are not in favor of the overthrow of democratically elected leaders either through hard coups, as in the Ukraine and Honduras, or soft coups as in Paraguay and Brazil, or electoral machinations coupled with currency and commodity manipulations designed to destroy economies, as in Argentina and Venezuela. They are not supporters of fraudulent social programs like the insurance and pharmaceutical industry welfare program referred to as Obamacare. They are not in favor of increasing the risk of belligerent confrontation with Russia or China. They are not in favor of calumny and disinformation disguised as journalism.

True liberalism, true progressivism and the political left are beautifully humane socioeconomic, philosophical and cultural movements that do their best to reconcile collective with individual interests in a manner that promotes the common welfare and the minimization of conflict, foreign and domestic; that promotes justice, equity, equality and innovation. That seek to maximize all levels of the human experience, including culture, the arts, sports, social interaction, making us as complete as humans can be.

True liberalism, true progressivism and the political left do not promote division and hate as a means of accumulating more and more power in the hands of fewer and fewer people.

Something to ponder, although there is apparently little one can do to remedy the deviant misinformation and appropriation of our identities, expect, perhaps, to find something else to call ourselves.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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