Silly Geese

Silly Geese

If the GOP had even adequate strategists, it would find the goose that laid the golden egg in in the decision by the Democrats in the Senate to engage in a unique filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee.

Because the filibuster is not a Senate Rule but a tradition, it can be fairly easily ended through a simple majority vote (Rules revisions require a 2/3 majority). Of course, such removal would also affect the GOP in the future as the modification of the Senate tradition by the Democrats seems to have come back to bite them in their nether parts. Modification is being considered on a limited basis to increase the Democrat carve out used by them to attain control of the federal judiciary by applying it to Supreme Court justices as well as to lower court judges. However, that is not the only option. The filibuster could be eliminated completely just as easily.

If the removal were total, it would not only facilitate the appointment of Supreme Court justices but also the passing of legislation the Democrats oppose including most immediately aspects of the replacement of Obamacare that currently require 60 Senate votes. So the Democrats’ gamble is that the GOP is blind to such possibilities. Of course, it’s also possible the Democrats have also failed to consider that possibility.

Perhaps, as so many citizens believe, the United States Senate is comprised of fools on all sides.

We need new, decent political parties rather than evil clowns who use us as pawns in their game of thrones.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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