Of This and That on a Gloomy Day in Spring, Especially in France

Of This and That on a Gloomy Day in Spring, Especially in France

There is that, but just what might “that” be? They probably know but just who are “they”? Seems like a good day for questions and quotation marks given the dearth of direction and readily apparent prospects for progress.

This seems the era of prevarication and distortion, calumny rules. Good guys finish last. I wonder what, if anything, that presages, other than, perhaps, the end of ages. But what then of the Rock I wonder? And will Rock and Roll survive, it was, as I understand it, supposed to never die.

If the end is nigh, what of Neverland? And Peter Pan, or was he really Petra? Was Petra Pan a feminist? Interesting to think that the leader of the Lost Boys might be a feminist and if so, I wonder if she was friends with the Lord of the Flies.

What did William Golding think of J. M. Barrie and what did they feel about the Rock and had Barrie presaged it, Rock and Roll. Did the Boys in the Band read either book? Which would have been their favorite I wonder and would they have approved of Petra Pan?

“So what” you might ask, somewhat grumpily, I know I did and didn’t have an answer although I suspect there is one. I wonder what it is. I wonder if it matters. Does our title have anything to do with the foregoing? Should it or would it be best to think of something else?

Anything else?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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