Clear and Present Dangers Staring Us in the Face

Clear and Present Dangers Staring Us in the Face

There are really only two political leaders I trust and their perspectives are very different but they’re both decent, well informed, honest people: Dennis Kucinich and Jim Webb. Coming from the real progressive left, former Congressman Kucinich’s criticism of the current efforts to stage a soft coup against President Trump, with whose policies he does not agree (a perspective I share), has real weight behind it (see, e.g.,

The real danger to the United States and to its form of government today comes from the Obama – Clinton led Democratic Party, the mainstream media and the intelligence community, not from the inarticulate Mr. Trump who, despite the constant barrage of propaganda seeking to characterize him as a buffoon, is not the fool he’s made out to be when he defends himself from the constant vulgar insults and planted stories hurled his way. The danger also does not stem from the Russians who tend to behave much better in the international arena than do we and interfere in foreign elections much less than do we (see

The Seth Rich murder saga ought to be enlightening as it could well undercut the entirety of the fabricated campaigns against both Mr. Trump and the Russian Federation. There is no doubt that he was a Democratic Party insider with access to all the information released by WikiLeaks concerning the DNC and John Podesta during the 2016 presidential campaign. There is no doubt that he was murdered but not robbed. There is no doubt that WikiLeaks immediately offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the capture and prosecution of Mr. Rich’s killers. There is no doubt that in no uncertain terms, WikiLeaks has stated that it did not receive the information that so damaged the Democratic Party during the 2016 elections from the Russian Federation. There is no doubt that the DNC refused to turn over its purportedly “hacked” computers to governmental authorities investigating the purported hack and that such authorities tamely accepted such refusal to cooperate. There is no doubt that the alleged signs of a purported hack by Russian operatives based on trace information left behind coincides with CIA hacking tools designed to make its own actions appear to be Russian.

There may be questions about the allegation than an anonymous federal government investigator has confirmed the exchange of vast quantities of information between Mr. Rich and a person associated with WikiLeaks involving the materials released (see but that is no more or no less credible than the barrage of anonymous leakers relied on by the mainstream media to mount their disinformation campaigns concerning Mr. Trump, the Russian Federation and the 2016 elections. Indeed, the former makes much more sense than the latter and seems to provide much more solid evidence than any of the creative and speculative fiction disseminated by the mainstream media in order to misdirect the public’s perception of what occurred from the real perpetrators and the accuracy of the information released to the hapless Trump campaign and the Russian Federation. If a cover-up is involved in the current series of daily political crises created by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party, it involves the murder of Seth Rich and the accuracy of the information released by WikiLeaks, both with respect to the 2016 Democratic Party presidential campaign, and the tools used by United States intelligence agencies to calumny the Russian Federation and its leader, Vladimir Putin.

That is terrible but much worse is the attempt to destroy the political traditions of quasi-democratic governance that have evolved in the United States over two centuries and to turn on ourselves the soft coup our intelligence communities have been employing against others for the past century, although if turnabout is fair play, the irony involved would merit the crafting of a satire by ancient Celtic bards.

In our history we have had only one soft coup to date: that staged against Richard Nixon by the same team now at work against Mr. Trump. History, as written by the victors in that affair, has convinced us that it was justified. It may be time to take a closer look at that episode as well, especially given the reality that the predicates for that coup have been mere business as usual during the past three presidencies (Clinton – Bush – Obama/Clinton).

While I, like former Congressman Kucinich, abhor much of the GOP’s political, economic and social positions and much of the manner in which Mr. Trump expresses himself, the real danger, not only to our way of life but to life itself on this small planet lies in the distortion of the United States political system being effected in desperate efforts to undo the presidential and congressional elections of 2016 and in the promotion of perpetual war and conflict with the Russian Federation regardless of the risks, hysterically and hyperbolically promoted by the pseudo-journalists that now comprise the mainstream media.

George Orwell’s echoes have gone from whispers to shouts but most of us just cover our ears. Having done so, we’ll deserve what we get.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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