Fault Lines in Heaven

Fault Lines in Heaven[1]

I’ve always been incredibly intrigued by the concept of the Fall; purportedly the first crack in the primordial womb through which infinity and eternity escaped giving rise to time and space.  I’ve never accepted its diachronically one-sided explications: they lacked substance and sense.  For far too many reasons.  Only insecurity from above would  so completely have sought to extinguish that initial spark of curiosity and libertarian inclinations.

The Sundering, the fount of fratricide, the primordial border between stasis and change from which chaos emerged, at least in inchoate form, making all things possible, though few probable and fewer still worthwhile … to date.  The progenitor of darkness and light, silence and sound, good and evil.  Can it ever heal?  Can it be healed or must it heal itself?  Will time, as it is said, truly heal all wounds, even the first?  And what of the second and what of the third?  Can Cain and Yah ever reconcile?  Abel forgave immediately; in those days only Yah bore grudges.  Does he bear them still?

Is that how we reflect his visage from below?  Will, Yah ever forgive anyone, can he never forget?  And if not, what hope for us?  Has Yah, as Yashua taught, matured, learned pity?  Will he ever learn it.  Being “perfect”, Can Yah learn anything?  Has he, unable to change, been pouting all these eons, in pique and spite, somehow waiting for an apology from the Light he extinguished and cast into Hell?  Is that what all our suffering is about: waves from a Divine tantrum?  Are there fault lines in Heaven?  Is that why we here below so faithfully echo the Dive rejection of reconciliation above?

I came to Colombia full of faith, seeking grace: looking for an end to the chain of violence; hoping to find that the answer to how one Colombian can kill another had become moot.  How can the victims of a holocaust become the perpetrators of another?  How can it be so easy it is to spout human rights theories from the safety of hypocrisy and impunity encased in tanks and armor?

The quest has not been easy, especially for one with no faith in faith alone.  Does the fault lie in Heaven?  Perhaps if we can heal strife there we can find peace on Earth too.

Is that too much to ask?

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2010; all rights reserved

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