Is there meaning to all this somewhere?

Is there meaning to all this somewhere?[1]

Up before the dawn again: it happens all too regularly now, a call from the waking world I’d perhaps rather not visit.

Something is very missing, perhaps many things.  It gets harder and harder to become motivated.  I don’t even seem nostalgic or melancholy, just too tired and too bored.  At least I’m still curious, at least I still wonder why, but the world seems very negative and Leo Durocher seems more and more vindicated every day.

As a political scientist and more, as a student of history, I know that’s neither new nor can it be completely accurate, but it seems more personally real with each passing day.  It’s not the absence of solutions, there are more than enough, as there are more than enough resources, it’s the apathy that permits those interested in distortion to maintain their ability to thwart implementation.   And it’s an apathy they cultivate and nourish in others all too effectively.  Willing us to worry about only those issues that most closely and immediately affect us, to react rather than resolve.  And it works so well that those in need are way too often among the front line troops for those who deny them, held as human shields for politicians and lobbyists, financiers and their lawyers.  I remember when I was among them and how easy it was to rationalize my participation.

Marxian opiates, they seem to be working for those who accept them as substitute solutions, or rather, substitutes for solutions; sometimes I envy them but I just can’t seem to succumb; tried it and failed.  Can it be that they’re right?  Is there meaning to all this somewhere?

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2011; all rights reserved