Can that be True?

Can that be True?

I was, I admit, astonished.

I have for at least some time been a political activist.

Perhaps more focused on its academic aspects but still, profoundly concerned with mankind’s destiny. But always committed to peaceful solutions and resolutions, even if slower.

She is not.

The fact is that she asked me not to reveal her sex but I find it at once so incongruous and so essential that I can’t help myself. The fact is that I’m concerned that her charisma and sensuality cloud my judgment and that wanting to be as objective as I can I find it essential, at the beginning, to disclose my possible prejudices.

She is not only brilliant but devastatingly, … well, … devastating.

She is thoroughly grounded in both history and philosophy, pragmatic as well as idealistic, prepared to recognize and correct errors instantaneously. And that can be both very effective and very dangerous. She challenges my premises, not in a subjective sense involving ultimate goals but in a tactical sense, perhaps bordering on strategy. I believe in peaceful evolution but she’s given up on that and she’s used my hypothesis involving pyramidal diminishing options over time against me, arguing that we’ve past the point of rational, amicable, peaceful alternatives, and that if we’re to survive, we have to opt for the alternatives left us.

But for her attitude I’m fairly certain that despite the differences in our ages, I’d be in love with her; perhaps I am. Murphy is indeed an evil genius. Loki has to be somewhere in his genetic line.

“It’s time for enduring solutions to apparently insoluble problems” she claims; “time for the irresistible force to bowl over immovable objects; time for the return to chaos and all its infinite possibilities”. She has the soul of an artist, but her heart, … that may be more difficult to define. It would be fascinating to debate with her but for her urgency; she’s far more into action that into contemplation, and in that, perhaps, she makes me feel my years.

Despite her youth she’s the embodied soul of the sixties, … terrifyingly immortal. I wonder what Dylan would think? …. Then and now.

“Kill all the lawyers”, she asks? “Shakespeare was ahead of his time”, she replies, “but too shallow”. “Kill all the bankers” she shouts, “and many, many of the investors, and most of the politicians, and those entrusted with the monopoly over the use of force: . I, thinking of too many friends, ask about innocents, and I see a tear dampen her countenance, too quickly shed. “Sad about that” she answers, “but, as conservative’s claim, one can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs”.

She uses all my observations and arguments against me and like the various Dianas in my life, clouds my judgment in nebulous streams of logic and pheromones making it impossible to refute her, although I know I could and should.

Incongruously, she abhors violence but finds it the only solution, an echo of the bouquet that infected French revolutionaries several centuries ago. But we have their excesses and failures to steer us in other directions. Why can’t I make her see that? She answers that they deviated from the ever so narrow path as we so frequently do today and that, although failure is probable, no other options are left us.

Can that be true?

Perhaps I need to associate with older, somewhat more staid women.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2014; all rights reserved