Reflections on a Dark day in June, 2016

Reflections on a Dark day in June, 2016

I’ve written that the free flow of accurate and complete information is essential to a functioning democracy, and that an honest, transparent and competent media is the heart required for its circulation. Today, we have to admit that as in way too many parts of the world, in the United States of America that heart may be worse than dysfunctional. It is not inept but rather, has become utterly corrupt on every major level. Bought and paid for and proud of its ability, not to inform, but to manipulate. Haughty in the pleasure of being at the center of power and having accomplished the task set out for it by its masters. Proud to have proven that fiction is more powerful than truth when the means for dissemination of information are captive.

George Orwell, wherever his consciousness lingers, is smirking with I told you so’s, and just the way he described it.

On the other hand there is hope. Many, many, especially among the young and the independent have not been blinded by the mainstream media’s blatant and arrogant deception. However, this was just stage one and the onslaught of misinformation and distortion will only get worse. All shame is gone, only rationalization and self-justification remain. Donald Trump is not an admirable person but the mainstream media is already beating its incessant and omnipresent drums to render him a larger than life pariah. His idiotic comments are being portrayed as much worse than his apparent chief opponent’s fulfilled malevolence, his uncontrolled mouth as much worse than her bloodied and gory hands, his business failures as much more relevant than her vast corruption. They are already bellowing that no matter how despicable his main opponent is, we must hold our noses and support her, for who knows what the Donald will do. We are being commanded to pray at the altar of the purportedly lesser evil and everything will be fine, … she’s learned and having attained her ambition will betray the hands that have gorged her and her family.

Hopefully, the young and independent voters who have coalesced around the revolutionary clarion call of Bernie Sanders will be able to maintain their integrity, even if he cannot. Even if their heroes, like Elizabeth Warren, quickly sell out. Admittedly, those heroes will probably be Democratic Party loyalists rather than American patriots, but, … who knows? And this time around, perhaps this American nightmare has a chance to overcome the odds and be the harbinger of a new dawn. Perhaps the two principal political parties have so thoroughly demonstrated their corruption, their disdain for democracy and even common decency, that this primary season will prove Pyric. On the wings, left and right, stand two political parties as yet unsullied, with decent candidates, decent alternatives, perhaps white knights, although if they show any possibility of success, the mainstream media will all too quickly sully and tarnish that armor, making it seem black.

Still, where there’s life there’s hope, and perhaps, just perhaps, one of the things Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have believed in may save the day. Purportedly, you can’t successfully lie to all of the People, all of the time.

Here’s hoping.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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