The Brink, June 2016

The Brink, June 2016

The Democratic strategists (Clintonians all) are salivating at the thought that the Clinton corruptive magic can be turned on the millions and millions of potential voters in the popular coalition that has supported the Sanders campaign, fantasizing about converting them into faithful cogs in the Democratic Party’s apparatus.

I hope they’re wrong. I hope those millions are instead American patriots not to be bought and sold by and to political parties. I hope they are patriots disgusted with both the Republican and Democratic parties who, having seen how the Tea Party was subsumed and subverted into the GOP, will not permit themselves to suffer the same fate at the other end of the current bipolar political spectrum.

Resistance, while not futile, is difficult given the total lack of integrity in the mainstream media which is now devoted to the Big Lie ideals found in, among other sources, Mein Kampf. But hubris sometimes leads to overestimating oneself and underestimating the opposition and if one thing characterizes the Clinton errrr, I mean Democratic Party, it is just that.

We are being and will continue to be bombarded by a barrage of anti-Trump propaganda designed to lead us to ignore the nefarious Clinton record. It will be effective if only because of its incessant consistency, but forewarned can be fore-armed. Perhaps if we keep in mind the many photos of the happy couples, the Trumps and the Clintons, and recall how swinishly the Clintons have historically accepted bribes, errrr, I mean contributions, from any and all sources including the Donald they so viciously attack today, we can maintain our senses of truth and balance.

Where there’s life there’s hope and while the pressure will be intense, it need not be succumbed to. There are options other than the evil duo. Good ones this time around and although the Clinton media will undoubtedly do all it can to keep them from sight, perhaps social media can flex its muscle and overcome the infamous conspiracy of silence.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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