What about Light?

What about Light?

There is a negative syncretism where, rather than a synergistic fusion of divinities, a divinity splits, shedding its ambivalistic attributes into their component opposites. Thus the benevolent Yeshua becomes the unforgiving and vengeful Pauline avatar of Yahweh, albeit to confused followers unable to understand the coexistence, a divine mystery arises, incomprehensible to mere humans, being as they’re only divinity’s awkwardly imperfect creations. Somehow from that duality they eventually perceive a triad. Poor confused humans.

Lucifer, originally the Roman god of light and truth but time being elastic in the Heavenly spheres (hmmm, spheres, how inherently limiting) having subsequently but earlier in time been cast in a somewhat different role in the Hebraic pantheon (or would that be more accurately, unitheon, or in its Christian incarnation, triatheon), and apparently an early patron of logic, sensed or perhaps scented, the dichotomy. What kind of divine artist insists on imperfect creations? He rejected the obvious conclusion, a very jealous and insecure demiurge, and, much to his later regret (but apparently prior to assuming his Roman role), assumed the master was benevolent.

Eve, who should have been a masterpiece and perhaps was, had to be taken down a notch or two because of her presumption albeit not quite as thoroughly as Lilith, her elder sibling. And Eve’s daughters; they had to be made to share her shame, at least for as long as possible. It has to be true, Saul or Paul, or whatever his real name was, said so. Emphatically. And Matthew wrote it down. And since “so it has been written so it must be done”, well, … there you have it, or at least, until recently, … there you had it. I wonder what Tarsus was like to have spawned one such as he?

So, … whatever happened to old Abe anyway, and to his sister wife Sarah for whom he sometimes served as pimp on the way to fathering a chosen race? Did he worship Inanna in his youth, and Enlil? Was Gilgamesh his hero? Or was he just a stealthy thief in the night who stole Sumeria’s legends and claimed them as his own, … of course, sufficiently modified to make the plagiarism difficult to prove?

Lucifer, who, as has been noted, was a Roman god of truth and light but, on parallel and simultaneously different time tracks, cast in a less luminous role, sits in eternal damnation pondering: “Damn”, he thinks, “how ironic that I’ve been syncretically fused with Shaitan and Ahriman and perhaps, somehow, even Loki, into an anti-deistic anthroform”.

But, … there you have it. Life’s like that and when it’s eternal, … that can prove to be a real bummer.

I know Hell is purportedly rather warm, .. but what about light?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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