What are the Chances?

What are the Chances?

Despite all the efforts of the mainstream media, the current administration in Washington, and of course, Clinton operatives, attempts to distort the nature of the recent presidential election seem to be facing a backlash. However, in an interesting shift, much of the more important criticism is, somewhat unexpectedly, coming from the left, but only from that segment of the left that refuses to accept the spin that the Russians and the FBI and third party voters are betraying the American People, and declines to again follow the bouncing balls that miss-lead us (pun intended but a double entendre hoped for) into Iraq, and Libya, and Syria and the Ukraine, and Honduras, and Paraguay, and Brazil, etc., etc., etc.

Perhaps that’s because it’s finally dawned on progressives and civil libertarians  (not really normally allowed to say socialists without major criticism, but them as well) that it’s not the GOP that has been holding them back and disempowering them but a treacherous Democratic Party mongrelized (my apologies to dogs everywhere) by Bill and Hillary Clinton since the late 1980’s through their Democratic Leadership Council. Some still believe that that political party can be reformed from within, but then again, the tooth fairy, the sandman and Santa also have their followers.

Like Colombia, the United States has a right wing party (the Democrats), a far right wing party (the GOP), and an incoherent, fragmented left with leaders quickly morphing into Democrats (e.g., Sanders) or Democratic Party puppets (sad to say but Jill Stein is an example). There is at least one principled and consistent political leader on the left, one with political experience, coherent ideas and ideals, and also an amazing wife (if only she’d been born in the USA), but for some reason (OK, the deathly media conspiracy of silence) he is not taken seriously: Dennis Kucinich. Not easy to pigeonhole are libertarians, although they tend to import rather than home grow their major candidates and combine progressive social ideals with anachronistic economics; and now, “the Donald”, and who knows what he believes or how he thinks, although the many, many people who have underestimated him through the decades, perhaps because of his loquacious albeit somewhat inarticulate manner, have usually lived to regret it (think, Clintons).

A healthy system needs them all (OK, perhaps not the Clintons), but without the interference generated by a dishonest media. Can you imagine a real, functioning, multi-party political system without two weighted dice?

So, … What are the chances?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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