Which Witch Was It? December, 2016

Which Witch Was It?
December, 2016

I think the situation in Aleppo is awful.

But how is that different from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and all of the murders by drones?

The hypocrisy is appalling and those who criticize Syria and Russia while ignoring the US led holocausts, the Israeli devastation of Gaza, etc. have utterly no credibility.

An observer from another planet might wonder just who started the mess in Syria and why? And in Libya, and in Iraq. And then he or she might observe a holocaust in Yemen. And then he or she might wonder at all the holocaust memorials involving a conflict more than 70 years ago, noting the catchy phrase “Never Again”, but observing that it is the descendants of that conflict’s holocaust who are most responsible for those ablaze today.

Like the alleged wicked witch of the East in the Wizard of Oz such alien observer might conclude, with a sigh and a tear: “what a world, what a world!”

Or was it the wicked witch of the West?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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