Occupy for Peace (#occupy4peace)

Occupy for Peace (#occupy4peace)

The Israeli actions in Palestine have reached a deafening crescendo of distilled evil and immorality making a mockery of the supposed attempts during and after the Second World War to attain a world were justice and equity would open a path away from the horrors of history. The Jewish People very quickly became the focal point of endeavors to create that world, or so the propaganda of the time declared. After about 70 years it turns out that the supposedly enlightened countries of that era were illusions and that their most important efforts were directed at deluding a gullible public. Now, perhaps, things have either changed very little or are becoming even worse.

Based on the history I’ve personally watched develop and then seen distorted I know that the history we’re taught cannot be relied on as accurate, only that which we’ve lived and only in so far as the massive dissimulative propaganda we’re inundated by has not distorted our perceptions. The supposed good guys, it appears, wore black hats too.

Change for the better will not come about because of state action, today’s so called “democracy” is merely chimerical legerdemain. Corporations and special interest groups rule and they have no conscience to which we can appeal.

We, the People of the World, acting in concert need to at least attempt to do something: through economic boycotts, through personal boycott and through mutual encouragement. No, we cannot abandon our political responsibilities. We need to vote, and run and serve, doing our best to maintain our integrity in the face of overwhelming pressure. But today, that is clearly not enough.

I recently heard of a movement denominated as #occupy4peace. I have no idea who they are or whether or not participating with them will help solve anything. I only know that doing nothing is not an option. So I’ll see what collaborating with them will do. Perhaps you should as well.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2014; all rights reserved