Inanna: Reborn in darker times

Inanna: Reborn in darker times

A great souled fearless female sits up, basking in the sun in a place everyone has warned her to shun; it’s as ageless as Gomorra, as boundless as time. Inchoate echoes of everything resound in every corner, crafting infinity-wells like perfectly aligned reflective mirrors. Everything that’s ever been is or will be passing time there, if but an instant. A great place to nurse a tan. Or so she believes as she wakes.

Her hair is almost raven, very long but curling in swirls and eddies so that its ends cradle her hips, rounded but willowy, lean but muscled everywhere but at her breasts which proudly swell and sway proclaiming her femininity. Long legs and arms make her normal body taller than one might expect, although her ankles and feet seem delicate, as do her gracefully long fingers. Her eyes are an amber brown flecked with gold and emeralds.

Inanna reborn.

She takes a long deep breath, tasting the winds and the ways of this new world, at least new to her, and then she frowns, a beautiful frown, true, but still one that displays dismay and disappointment at what she finds; she’s been too long away.

The world has always been complex but the shifting kaleidoscope of colors that is chaos has been replaced by a growing darkness, not a beautiful darkness echoing the birth songs of incipient possibilities or the last lullabies of departed realities but something murky and uncomfortable and ghastly and grim.

Her skin shivers at its touch, a cold damp echoing sadness, despair and a profound frustration.

She wonders what happened to the sun she was basking in as she woke or is it just that as she woke she was recalling earlier, happier times, perhaps a residue remaining as a gift from now more cherished dreams.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2010; all rights reserved