Ukrainegate – Are we really that stupid?


It’s amazing how, with obvious facts in plain sight, many of us are incapable of accepting the putrid realities we face, fail to recognize the Deep State embedded in our intelligence, justice, media and political communities; the Deep State that does us and 90% of all the people on this planet so much harm.  The current Ukraine scandal ought to be an epiphany, making it clear that any attempts to uncover institutional corruption and real orchestrated electoral improprieties will be met with overwhelming destructive force.  That’s the reality in which live, regardless of the political spectra to which we’ve pledged our allegiance.  For example, there is no doubt that:

  • Robert Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s baby boy, received a commission as a Naval officer without having in any manner earned it, having attained it through special treatment and special waivers, and that he was almost immediately cashiered due to his chronic drug abuse, a drug problem not at all uncommon among the rich and powerful, consider former President George W. Bush for example.
  • after the overthrow of the democratically elected president of the Ukraine, Joe Biden was made the Obama administration “point man” with respect to Ukrainian affairs, a kind of proconsul, and in that role, he exercised undiplomatic, coercive conduct to impact the administration of justice in the Ukraine, e., he caused the immediate removal of that “independent” country’s chief prosecutor, a role akin to the attorney general of the United States (anyone remember Nixon’s Saturday night massacre?), under threat of eliminating over a billion dollars in theretofore promised aid.
  • almost immediately after having been cashiered as a United States Naval officer, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was a hired to a non-presence-duty free “job” as a member of the board of directors of the Ukraine’s largest natural gas company, Burisma Holdings, at a salary ranging from $50,000 to $83,000 per month (reports seem to differ on the exact amount), a company under investigation by the soon to be fired Ukrainian chief prosecutor, after which, it was no longer under investigation. Hunter had no experience in either energy policy or Ukrainian affairs, but hey, learning on the job is as American as apple pie (…or corruption, think Clinton Foundation, lucrative speaking fees and immediate book “deals”).
  • John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz, was Hunter’s business partner until Hunter accepted the Burisma gig, at which point he disassociated himself advising the State Department, at which his father served as Secretary of State, that he would have nothing to do with that “venture” (one wonders why as he was not normally averse to trading on family connections).
  • Hunter received similar special treatment from at least one major Chinese firm while his dad was paying China an official vice presidential visit, with Hunter introducing the principles of the Chinese firm to his dad aboard Air Force 2, the official vice presidential aircraft (what a delightfully droll coincidence).

Still, all too many of us keep blindfolds firmly in place, covering ears while speaking plenty of dribble, all too often dribble with unpleasant connotations for our future and that of our progeny (who, if they’ve attained any sort of wisdom, will curse our naivety).

On a series of somewhat related topics there are questions, but plenty of doubt, questions concerning interactions between the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic Party with Ukrainian government officials during the 2016 presidential campaign that seem to have been tied to orchestration of the anti-Trump, Russiagate affair.  Plenty of doubt because, well, … there has to be doubt when troubling leads go uninvestigated or investigations are cut short due to a change in the investigative personnel (see sacking of the Ukraine’s chief prosecutor above).  No investigation into such related allegations has subsequently been undertaken nor, apparently, will it be permitted by the Deep State, at least not without an existential constitutional battle (see, e.g., “Ukrainegate hoax tries to stop Barr & Durham from investigating Russiagate” published in The Duran Quick Take: Episode 320 published on September 30, 2019).

One wonders what revelations merit such high risks in their obfuscation (i.e., the impeachment related investigations), at least if one is objective and minimally curious.  The truth appears to be, at least to me, that the hysteria over Joe and Hunter Biden related activities is for the most part a hysterical smokescreen to hide the really problematic issues, those involving what Mr. Trump really asked Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky for help with (the infamous “favor”), those being the inexplicable conduct of the Federal bureau of Investigation and CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc., the cybersecurity technology company based in Sunnyvale, California, which the Democratic Party and Clinton presidential campaign successfully, up to now, used to manufacture and implement the Russiagate hoax.  Revelations there, if any exist and can be exposed, would make Watergate look like a Sunday afternoon church outing.

Notwithstanding the seriousness of the substance of the foregoing potential scandals (at best) or prosecutable crimes (at worst), the really dangerous issue facing us, the most  transcendent problem, is that any efforts to investigate the foregoing, not only in the Ukraine but even more so here in the United States, are viciously attacked, either informally through additional interference in Ukrainian affairs; e.g., by Democratic Congressmen or woman delivering “no prosecute” orders from the Clinton-Obama-Biden administration to the purportedly independent office of the Ukrainian chief prosecutor (not the one Joe Biden fired, but his handpicked successor), or formally, e.g., through the initiation of impeachment related proceedings in the United States House of Representatives, proceedings purportedly initiated on the basis of an apparently Deep State orchestrated “whistleblower” drama starring, of all people, an imbedded CIA operative, and of course, amplified on a constant 24/7 basis by the guardians of information at the Orwellian, Ministry of Truth-inspired, “mainstream” media.  Add to that the fact that instead of treating impediments to investigating the forgoing as attempts at cover-ups it is the mere placement of transcripts of presidential conversations on secure servers to avoid unauthorized leaks that are painted as such.  Hmm, isn’t all classification of information by the government an attempt to keep it out of the public arena?  Was such action by Mr. Trump in any way really novel?  Should we perhaps reconsider in its totality the abuse of doctrines of national security to obfuscate, deceive and manipulate us?  Might not be a bad idea.

But to the specifics of the crisis-scandal-fake news de jour: The Democratic Party, the “mainstream” media and selected former Ukrainian officials are loudly proclaiming on all available “news” sources that “no evidence of wrongdoing by either CrowdStrike, the Democratic Party or FBI on the one hand, or Joe and Hunter Biden with reference to the Burisma affair have been found” and that any attempt to find any involves impeachable offences.

So, are they right?  Has any judicially cognizable evidence of CrowdStrike, the Democratic Party, FBI, or Biden family improprieties been uncovered to date?

Of course, not!

While formal Justice Department investigations concerning the origin of the Russiagate affair that could well touch on CrowdStrike are in progress, unlike the case in the Mueller special counsel investigation, no news seems to be leaking to the mainstream media, although regular challenges to Attorney general Bill Barr are constant.  The Biden and Democratic Party related investigations in the Ukraine were quashed and the replacement prosecutors, surprise, surprise, found no reason for follow-up investigations (hmmm, kind of like what happened with the State of Florida investigation into serial hebephiliac Jeffrey Epstein).  Indeed, four Democratic Party members of the United States Senate delivered no prosecute orders, which apparently raise no alarms in the “mainstream media”.  Hmm, suggestions to investigate: “bad”, orders not to prosecute, “just fine”.  Strange scandal criteria now in force in the “mainstream” media’s “rules of engagement”.

Well, … no follow-up investigations have been considered until very recently.  At least not until questions were raised by Mr. Trump with the new, independent, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky (a funny guy usually) concerning corruption in the Ukraine, admittedly an endemic Ukrainian problem regardless of who’s in charge.  I followed the Ukrainian presidential elections closely, thrilled to see that the puppet administration imposed by the Clinton-Obama administration in which Joe Biden served as proconsul was toppled by the Ukrainian people.  At least they’re not perpetually blind, or if so, with their metaphorical canes and seeing-eye dogs, they managed what we have not been able to do since 1860, throw the damned rascals out (even if only to be replaced by new rascals or old rascals in new guises)!

Investigation of corruption and political improprieties is apparently not appropriate in the United States as it may impact elections and thus constitute meddling, unless of course, it is undertaken by the Democratic Party and “mainstream” media, with the active participation of the intelligence community, against (well at least for now), … the unpredictable and hence not always controllable Mr. Trump.  Suggestion by Mr. Trump that such matters be investigated, on the other hand, is unethical, improper and criminal.  Indeed, it is asking a foreign power (…Steele dossier, what Steele dossier…) to meddle in United States political affairs.  After all, access by the American electorate to truth as a basis for electoral decisions, if such truth is adverse to the interests of the Deep State, its allies and masters, is anathema.  Think of the world’s last remaining real journalist, Julian Assange, rotting in a British jail for, as was the case with Prometheus, having dared to bring us light.  Or perhaps, think of the murder of Seth Rich, possibly a real whistleblower.  No investigation in the latter case either, at least not any that turned up any facts, and that is just fine, … at least with some.

The reality, for those whose vision and hearing has not been irreparably destroyed by the barrage of false or distorted information emanating constantly through formal and informal disinformation campaigns for which the CIA is famous, is that during the past three years all stops have been aggressively pulled to maintain the fiction of a scandal free Clinton-Obama-Biden administration, while the reality is in all probability drastically different.  The inhabitants of the Ukraine, Honduras, Libya and Syria probably see things we refuse to acknowledge.

But I digress, so easy to do when thinking of a period all too destructive, even in the all too destructive era that started with the administration of William Jefferson Clinton.  His middle name should have told us something, slick Willie following in the footprints of our first hypocrite-in-chief.

So, …. (again).  Back to the manufactured crisis-scandals designed to maintain the lid on the Clinton-Obama-Biden version of Pandora’s Box:  First Russiagate to obfuscate improper electoral interference and spying on the presidential campaign of the opponent to President Obama’s anointed heiress; and now, Ukrainegate.  The hyperbolically hysterical series of daily pseudo-scandals thrown at the American public, seem all too much like feces thrown on a wall, hoping that some will somehow stick (does anyone really do that), especially so with this latest Ukrainegate saga.  It certainly smells like a plot by the intelligence community, the Democratic Party and the “mainstream” media to keep Obama era scandals of epic proportions safely locked away, anyone “meddling” with the key obviously needing to be eliminated (think, perhaps, of Rudy Giuliani, Bill Barr, et. al.)  After all, the Clinton-Obama-Biden clan plays by the rules, the Deep State rules; the neoliberal-neoconservative rules by which most of the world is ruled.  Mr. Trump, for good or ill (with plenty of ill to go around), does not, at least not always, not yet.

The foregoing is not to say that the Trump administration is beneficent, or that it ought to be maintained in power, at least assuming non-Democratic Party alternatives miraculously become available, but the conduct of the disloyal opposition is very, very far beyond the pale, and such conduct, once initiated, becomes impossible to reverse and all too often leads to violent civil unrest (until quelled by a revolution; Napoleon comes to mind).  For a disturbing, albeit all too accurate perspective on point, see the article published by a civil war survivor, Nebojsa Malic, in RT News on September 30, 2019, encaptioned “Dear America, civil war is not a joke – or a picnic).  And it is not Democratic Party impeachment enthusiasts who are likely to prevail in armed civic unrest given attitudes towards the Second Amendment, right or wrong.  Something to carefully consider, even given the growing strength of Clintonite militias like Antifa.

So will we buy into the orchestrated narrative?

We have, … all too often.  But then again, is it possible ole ‘purportedly” honest Abe stumbled onto something and, even if most of us can be fooled some of the time, all of us cannot be fooled all of the time?

Are we in a “some of the time” moment?  Are we really that easy to manipulate?  Or does Tulsi Gabbard resonate with at least some of us?

Stay tuned to find out.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2019; all rights reserved.  Please feel free to share with appropriate attribution.

Guillermo Calvo Mahé (a sometime poet) is a writer, political commentator and academic currently residing in the Republic of Colombia although he has primarily lived in the United States of America (of which he is a citizen).  Until recently he chaired the political science, government and international relations programs at the Universidad Autónoma de Manizales.  He has academic degrees in political science (the Citadel), law (St. John’s University), international legal studies (New York University) and translation and linguistic studies (the University of Florida’s Center for Latin American Studies).  He can be contacted at and much of his writing is available through his blog at

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