To Rosario Nicole Calvo on her very first day, at least this time around

To Rosario Nicole Calvo on her very first day, at least this time around

So, Rosario Nicole Calvo, I guess it’s welcome to the world, one your Dad and I and your two uncles intend to make a place worth spending time in. Strange the things one thinks of. As I write “dad” for the first time, meaning your Dad, I recall how upset he once was when my aunts called me Billy in front of him. To him, that was his name although it had once been mine and in the hearts of many, it still is. But I gladly gave it up to him. Don’t think I can do that with “Dad” but I’ll certainly share it.

But, ….. how about us, … you and me?

I worry that you’ll be so far away you’ll never really get to know me and that the bond of love we’ll share will be strained by the distance, but I hope not, I have to trust that it won’t since you’re made up of so many things that are so dear to me, … your Dad, your Mom, my mother’s name; great expectations and great genes. Your uncles. How lucky can one little girl be?

Usually on the day before your Dad’s birthday, and your uncles’ birthdays, I write a note bidding farewell to the person I’d so loved during the year then ending, … but, as on their first days on this pretty globe, that won’t work today, instead, there’s a tiny thread unrolling from an infinite coil full of possibilities, …

What an adventure, the inchoate embodied and realized. How magical.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2013; all rights reserved