About Guillermo Calvo Mahe

I’ve done many things over the years and I’ve lived in many places. I currently chair the Political Science, Government and International Relations Program at the Universidad Autónoma de Manizales in the Republic of Colombia where I teach political science (human rights law, international and supranational law, constitutional theory, government and comparative political systems, history of political ideas, and, North American Studies), serve as an English resource to faculty members, translate academic papers, and participate in development of international faculty and student exchange programs for the university. I periodically serve as a political commentator on local media and continue to be active as a writer and artist as well as a translator and interpreter. My university degrees are in political science, law, international legal studies and translation studies. I am active political matters both locally and internationally and have a passion for world affairs and history. I’ve sought spiritual enlightenment all my life but have yet to find definitive answers; I have, however, found an ever increasing and worthwhile, series of questions to speculate on. I am very drawn to the beauty, simplicity and justice of the Wiccan Reede. I love music, dancing, writing, reading, drawing, equestrian sports, tennis and softball. I maintain a warm and supportive ongoing relationship with my three sons, one here now and two in the USA. I was married twice with one serious relationship between the two marriages and also had several wonderful recent relationships. I dislike jealousy and respect the importance of private space and continuing individual growth; however, I also value loyalty and honesty very much and treasure affection.

Singularity at the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole

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A Short Observation with a Long Title on “Progressives” Who Continue to Vote for Democratic Party Candidates Rather than Joining in the Creation of a Viable Political Movement of Their Own

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